Case Experiments

Theoretical framework

Participatory case research for the diagnostics and solutions generation.

Research question to be addressed:

Case specific research questions for:
1. From steel to machine usage ecosystem,
2. Ppen traffic information ecosystem,
3. Unique ICT enabled Finnish platform system,
4. Industrial and innovation policy,
5. Platform ecosystems and cyber security, etc.


1. Platform solution(s) of the case experiment,
2. Method development

Description of tasks

3-4 separate 2-6 months case experiments and one deeper case study per year. Each consists of description of past failures and existing success ecosystems, workshop(s) and reporting per year.


Case specific analysis and report, potential alternative solutions for the case challenge


10—15 case studies reported (Year 3); 5—10 case studies reported (Year 6).


Juhani Strömberg (leader), Aalto University School of Science.
Leena Ilmola, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Austria.