Platform Strategies and Business Models

Theoretical framework

High velocity strategies: we examine how the interplay between the need for long-term success and velocity (the rate at which new opportunities emerge and disappear) of a platform-centric ecosystems and two-way markets.

Research question to be addressed

What kinds of changes are needed in the business models, strategic planning procedures, resilient business strategies, investment and risk management, operations management, innovation and added value distribution of the platform network?


To develop theoretical understanding on high-velocity strategy creation in sharing networks

Description of tasks

1. Review on current understanding on the fast-paced, high velocity strategies and continuous change dominated strategy principles.
2. Case studies on primary cases (participating firms) and secondary cases on firms joining the platform during the years


Theoretical analysis on strategy creation in fast-paced multi-sided platform context


Empirical analysis of the strategy formation processes in platform businesses (Year 3); Multi-sided platform creation toolkit, basics for strategy formation in continuously changing environments (Year 6).