Innovation Processes in Platform Ecosystems

Theoretical framework

The platform-centric innovation ecosystems support reproducible precision processes built on rapid prototyping and compressed design-build-test cycles, expanding innovation opportunities. Ecosystems will allow entire value chains to be disaggregated and reorganized at national and global levels. This will challenge existing IP regimes, create new niches for start-up firms, and potentially disrupt existing industry models.

Research questions to be addressed

Which are the hindrances to a fast implementation of platform ecosystems in the Finnish institutional (widely speaking) environment?
What kinds of changes are needed in the business models, strategic planning procedures, resilient business strategies, investment and risk management, operations management, innovation and added value distribution of the platform network?


To detect what are the typical features of the platform-centric innovation ecosystem and to run a set of radical case experiments that reveal different requirements.

Description of tasks

1. Define data sources,
2. Biology as a platform technology case analysis,
3. Global automobile industry data base analysis.


Innovation features to the Platform Profile framework.


Platform typical features of innovation system (Year 3);
Conceptual tools for management of the innovation cycle in the platform-centric innovation ecosystem.