Institutional Prerequisites for Platform Economy

Theoretical framework

Platforms create and exploit three kinds of leverage for enhanced value co-creation: innovation, production and transaction. This leverage is created by advancing economies of learning (innovation leverage), scale and scope (production leverage), and search (transaction leverage). Yet, little is known about how platforms create these three forms of leverage and how they shape and drive value co-creation. To address this, this work package does three things:

1. it develops conceptual frameworks of platform leverage and platform and ecosystem value co-creation;
2. it applies these models to case studies (thereby providing connectivity across work packages);
3. drawing from case insights, it develops normative and managerial insights into how focal firms should drive platform creation for maximum platform leverage and value co-creation while simultaneously positioning themselves for optimal value appropriation.

Research questions to be addressed

Which are the hindrances to a fast implementation of platform ecosystems in the Finnish institutional (widely speaking) environment?
What are the potential resilient government strategies and policies that meet both the current economic constraints and establish an efficient support for fast exploitation of the platform technology transition?


1. To identify regulatory, IP, financing and cultural barriers.
2. To detect regulatory, procedural and resource enablers and institutional enhancers of platform-centric ecosystems.

Description of tasks

1. To establish a systematic analysis frame for identification and assessment of institutional framework of case experiments.
2. To run a comprehensive statistics based benchmarks.
3. To define 2-3 potential theoretical frameworks for analysis of the institutional environment.
4. To run a potential policy actions portfolio for each of the workshops.


A set of potential resilient policy portfolios and recommendations for development of the institutional environment.


Report on major enablers and hindrances of the institutional environment (Year 3);
Policy recommendations (Year 6).


Erkko Autio, Imperial College London Business School, UK.